When Stress Takes Over

We have all experienced times when the worst scenarios have formed in our heads. My god is tomorrow already the day of the exam? I have not studied enough, I’ll fail my school year, I’m sure my girlfriend is angry with me, she’ll leave me, or I have a lump on my neck, it could be the beginning of cancer and I’ll die! It is at this point that I call “our inner hamster is put to work” and hard work. But to think of it, did you realize that it is rare that these “Hollywood” scenarios materialize? So calm down!

But how do you find inner peace and quietness? There is no miracle, but knowing that you are in a moment of panic is the first step. Then the means we use to calm ourselves are personal to everyone and should not be judged. All that counts is that it works. Meditation, walking or relaxing with a good book are all good ways if they manage to relax you. As for meditation, you do not have to be a monk to meditate. Simply being able to focus on breathing and be attentive to your physical sensations. Try it, you’ll see that it works! We forget our problems! Among the types of meditation that exist, there are dynamic meditations, perfect way to start the day, meditation fully aware, ideal to focus in the present moment or meditation through laughter which is excellent if you are too serious in life. These are just some meditation techniques that exist. It is up to you to find one that suits you!

Personally, when I’m stressed, I like taking a hot bath while listening to sports news. What a joy to feel hot water soothe my muscles while listening to people criticize the performance of the Habs! I listen to people ignite rage against the CH. Often, after listening to them you would think that the whole team should change! Ron Fournier than adds a little humour and in the space of half an hour, I forget all my problems. You tell yourself that it would not work for you and you are probably right because it is the very personal method I use to help my stress. You need to find your own method that will bring you into a state of well-being. Trust yourself, you are able to find your own method and above all, do not let others judge you. Remember that all that counts is that it works!

Stress is part of our life and whether we like it or not, we cannot escape it. But if we can manage to escape it we have control of our emotions and how we go through these moments of storms.

Steeve Désaulniers