Volunteers add the human touch to the health and social service network. Every year, Face à Face relies on over 120 volunteers who give their time, compassion, wisdom and skill to make our community better, healthier and stronger.

By being a part of our volunteer team, you would receive:

    • Opportunities to apply academic theory to real situations and gain valuable experience
    • Getting to know other volunteers and being part of a collective team effort
    • Develop helping relation abilities
    • Opportunities to conduct intervention work by reinforcing empowerment
    • Ability to attend training sessions on various subjects involving mental health and addiction

Volunteer requirements consist of:

    1. Four (4) month commitment during at least one session. Sessions are during the following months:
        1. January – May
        1. May- September
        1. September – January
    1. Volunteering consecutively for a minimum of four (4) hours per week
    1. Attendance at all training sessions
    1. Must be bilingual and speak English and French

*Recruiting periods take place one month before each session so please contact us early!*

To apply to be a volunteer, please fill out the form below, we’ll then email you to ask you to send us your CV.

Apply to be a Face à Face Volunteer


Please note your contract at Face à Face is for duration of 4 months. We understand that our volunteers have other obligations in their daily lives. We ask that you be able to commit one four hour time slot each week for duration of 4 months.

The volunteer training period takes place three times a year, prior to each session, on the 1st or 2nd weeks of January, May, and September. If you do not hear a response from us please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. Notifications will be sent out closer to the training period.

Languages Spoken

(Bilingualism Required)

Volunteer Interests

Other than front-line, direct services, what types of volunteer opportunities are best suited to your abilities? (select all that apply)

How did you hear about volunteering with Face à Face?

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Alternatively, fill out the Volunteer Application Form (below) and send it with your CV to: coordinator@faceafacemontreal.org

Volunteer Form:

Download (DOCX, 31KB)

Due to Covid-19, all volunteering positions are required to come in the center. No remote working is possible.