Recruiting for The Café Rencontre

The Café Rencontre is a discussion and support group that helps participants break the cycle of isolation.

This year we will have the opportunity to work with Zoothérapie Québec during one of our activities allowing our participants a chance to break their isolation in the comfort of a dog’s presence. To see more about Zoothérapie Québec and the wonderful work they do, please see the link:

March 9th will be the first day for our Café Rencontre; each meeting will last 2 hours over an eight-week period.

Face à Face is looking for participants!

If you are interested in joining us, or if you know anyone who could benefit from this group, please get in touch with us at the Centre;

Ask for Stefania at 514-934-4546 or send her an email at

Face à Face is in Danger of Closing its Doors for Good

After 35 years of serving Montrealers in need, the Listening and Intervention Centre is struggling to survive after its core funding has been cut.

Face à Face may be forced to leave its clients out in the cold.

Shortly before the holidays, Face à Face was notified that Centraide would be slashing 100% of their financing to the agency effective March 31st , 2017. This totals $119,400 in cuts and represents more than half of their operating budget.  With Centraide giving them only three months notice, the Centre is dangerously close to closing its doors, leaving some of the most vulnerable people in the community without the services and support that they depend on.

Whilst The Centre relies on over 120 volunteers donating over 10,000 hours per year, without this amount of financial support, Face à Face will no longer be able to afford to rent its current premises or even pay their phone lines used to answer the calls of many distressed Montrealers struggling with Mental Health Issues and Social Isolation.

Closing its doors is not something Face à Face can conceive of: it would mean leaving 724 homeless individuals and 848 individuals at risk of becoming homeless without counseling, support, or a fixed address to receive financial assistance and/or identification documents. Additionally, the 22,000 plus active listening interventions carried out each year by Face à Face would need to be absorbed by other organisations within the sector — who are already overwhelmed — or the well-being of the individuals who rely on Face à Face will be in jeopardy.

“Cut-backs and loss of financial support has destabilized not only the Centre but also those we represent; this is a prime example of how quickly things can change for the worse. Like many of the individuals we work with, through no fault of their own, circumstances can render us all incredibly vulnerable.” – Grace Fontes, Director of Face à Face

Marketing volunteers for Face à Face have created a ‘crisis microsite’ which details the circumstances and how the public can help at and are calling everyone to join their efforts in continuing to promote the culture of care.

We believe that Montrealers share our vision of a strong, diverse, inclusive community where people are more than their problems. Face à Face is counting on the community’s support so that we may prevent our clients who are marginalized from experiencing yet another loss.

Lost Funding for Face à Face

To our very dear Family:

It is with great regret that we confirm that our funding from Centraide will be cut by 100% by the end of March 2017. This represents more than 50% of our budget. We are therefore officially at risk of closing our doors.

Having said that, we have no intention of allowing this to happen. Face à Face is composed of a dedicated staff, loyal volunteers and a resourceful clientele.We will gather our forces to move forward and create a new future for Face to Face.

We are asking you at this time to share this information in your social networks, with your employers, your employees and your colleagues, your professors and your students; We are developing tools to help disseminate this information and requests for support. We accept all ideas as well as words of encouragement.

If you would like to make a donation to Face to Face, please follow this link:

From the bottom of our heart, we thank you.

Comedy for a cause


Community Groups Are Seriously Underfunded In Quebec

This week, community groups like Face à Face have planned actions across Quebec to bring attention to the chronic underfunding we receive and to highlight how important and necessary our organisations are to the communities in which we work.

“We […] want the government to reinvest in public services and social programs, and to recognize the truly important work of community groups in Quebec.”
– Alexandra Pierre, spokesperson Engagez-vous pour le communautaire

This action comes after the Quebec government have announced a surplus of $2.2 billion this fall alone, but has not made any provisions for community groups in the latest provincial economic update.



As a result, Face à Face will be closed on Wednesday from 12:30pm to support the movement, and we will be attending the demonstration which starts at 1pm at Place des Festivals. Wear white and join us!

For more information on the cause, follow the event on facebook.

Face à Face’s Annual Benefit Gala – Press Release

Face à Face Listening and Intervention Centre is holding its second Annual Gala on the 28th of October at Zibo! Restaurant in Griffintown, Montreal from 5pm to 8pm where popular bluegrass and folk band trio Old Time Honey will be performing live!

On the heels of our last successful Gala, we are striving to make this year’s fundraiser even bigger and better, and as such we have a vast number of prizes of over $1200 in combined value to be won, donated by our generous donors.




Each ticket automatically enters its holder into the draw to win:

A FINE DINING EXPERIENCE AT LE SAUCIER (Pearson School of Culinary Arts) 2 gift certificates 


Our main raffle prizes include:

THE KEG gift certificate
PIZZERIA MAGPIE gift certificate
RESTAURANT MAÏS gift certificate
SWEDISH MASSAGE 1 gift certificate for a one-hour massage
CROSSFIT MONTREAL gift certificates for 1 month free
CÉRAMIC CAFÉ 50 coupons with various rebates
DAVID’S TEA 1 gift basket
DENTIST DR TENSER 1 gift certificate for dental cleaning

Tickets for the raffle are $1 for 1 ticket and $5 for 10 tickets


Face à Face are also holding a social-media based competition to win 2 autographed Montreal Canadiens baseball caps— those coming to the gala need only to share a creative photo on Facebook with the hashtag #HatsOffToFaceàFace or #ChapeauFaceàFace and tag Face à Face Montreal’s facebook page in the post to enter. The post with the most likes and shares will win!

Win Signed Habs Hat


Tickets for the event are $40 for students and $50 for non-students and are available to buy on – but places are limited, so buy them quick!

Face à Face’s Annual Benefit Gala

The Face à Face Listening and Intervention Centre invites you to restaurant ZIBO! for our annual Benefit Gala on Friday the 28th October from 5pm.

A cocktail reception, a raffle with excellent prizes and our special guests the jug-band Old Time Honey are on the menu.

Come savour food and drink, dance and offer your support, but above all, come and enjoy the evening in good company!

Tickets are on onsale on yapsody or at the centre- ask for Meghan, Eric F. or Eric D.



Board Members Needed

Face à Face is looking for new board members, more specifically in the marketing and finance department. The centre needs someone who can champion non profits and help them become viable in difficult times.

Board members are responsible to attend monthly meetings to ensure the financial stability of Face à Face, define and implement long and short term goals, increase and implement hiring and staff policies and ensure the process of the board of directors.

If you are an expert in the field of marketing or finance and would like to give your time to a great organization or have any questions regarding our board members, write to us at


Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently looking for new volunteers for our next session, from January to April 2016.

Being a part of our volunteer team will allow you to gain experience in intervention, active listening, and will give you the opportunity to develop new skills.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining our team!

Check out the volunteer tab to fill out the application form or write to info@faceafacemontreal.orgteam picture small

When Stress Takes Over

We have all experienced times when the worst scenarios have formed in our heads. My god is tomorrow already the day of the exam? I have not studied enough, I’ll fail my school year, I’m sure my girlfriend is angry with me, she’ll leave me, or I have a lump on my neck, it could be the beginning of cancer and I’ll die! It is at this point that I call “our inner hamster is put to work” and hard work. But to think of it, did you realize that it is rare that these “Hollywood” scenarios materialize? So calm down!

But how do you find inner peace and quietness? There is no miracle, but knowing that you are in a moment of panic is the first step. Then the means we use to calm ourselves are personal to everyone and should not be judged. All that counts is that it works. Meditation, walking or relaxing with a good book are all good ways if they manage to relax you. As for meditation, you do not have to be a monk to meditate. Simply being able to focus on breathing and be attentive to your physical sensations. Try it, you’ll see that it works! We forget our problems! Among the types of meditation that exist, there are dynamic meditations, perfect way to start the day, meditation fully aware, ideal to focus in the present moment or meditation through laughter which is excellent if you are too serious in life. These are just some meditation techniques that exist. It is up to you to find one that suits you!

Personally, when I’m stressed, I like taking a hot bath while listening to sports news. What a joy to feel hot water soothe my muscles while listening to people criticize the performance of the Habs! I listen to people ignite rage against the CH. Often, after listening to them you would think that the whole team should change! Ron Fournier than adds a little humour and in the space of half an hour, I forget all my problems. You tell yourself that it would not work for you and you are probably right because it is the very personal method I use to help my stress. You need to find your own method that will bring you into a state of well-being. Trust yourself, you are able to find your own method and above all, do not let others judge you. Remember that all that counts is that it works!

Stress is part of our life and whether we like it or not, we cannot escape it. But if we can manage to escape it we have control of our emotions and how we go through these moments of storms.

Steeve Désaulniers