Serving the community since 1982, the Face à Face Listening and Intervention Centre is a non-profit community organization dedicated to addressing the concerns of individuals in need.
Our commitment to social justice and our community approach to problem resolution enables Face à Face to provide effective front line and immediate services we endeavor to build a stronger and healthier community through humanistic partnerships where individuals feel safe, respected, included and empowered to develop the skills to reach their full potential.

Everyone needs to be listened to, to be given hope, and to be provided options when they think they have none.

Core Values

  • Caring and Compassion: we believe that all people matter and deserve to be listened to without judgment.
  • Inclusion: we support the right of all persons to belong, to be accepted and to have the opportunity to participate equally in community life.
  • Empowerment: we believe in fostering the ability of every individual to make decisions and take actions that will enable their autonomy and their right to self determine.
  • Equity: we believe in the need for fairness for all and equal access to the distribution of wealth and resources.
  • Integrity: we believe in the need for transparency in our governance, in the delivery of services and in our interactions with one another.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: we believe in the importance of working together with volunteers, professionals and members of diverse communities.

Face à Face Stories