Community Groups Are Seriously Underfunded In Quebec

This week, community groups like Face à Face have planned actions across Quebec to bring attention to the chronic underfunding we receive and to highlight how important and necessary our organisations are to the communities in which we work.

“We […] want the government to reinvest in public services and social programs, and to recognize the truly important work of community groups in Quebec.”
– Alexandra Pierre, spokesperson Engagez-vous pour le communautaire

This action comes after the Quebec government have announced a surplus of $2.2 billion this fall alone, but has not made any provisions for community groups in the latest provincial economic update.



As a result, Face à Face will be closed on Wednesday from 12:30pm to support the movement, and we will be attending the demonstration which starts at 1pm at Place des Festivals. Wear white and join us!

For more information on the cause, follow the event on facebook.