Community Involvement and Development

What is community development and how can we make our community stronger? Community development is based on a group of people in a community who are willing to initiate social action in order to bring about the desired change that they wish to see happen. Without community development we cannot implement change within our communities.

So, what exactly drives individuals to commit to the development of communities? The drive comes from our motivation and our hunger to see a change in the world. It stems from and is guided by our values, principles, and assumptions that come from our backgrounds and cultures. It also comes from our personal experiences and our conscious decisions about what is right. These values, principles, and assumptions that we have shape our vision of the world as it should be, and ultimately motivate us to try and make it so. The major goal of community work is to improve the quality of life of a person or of a particular group in society, which leads to changing some important aspects of the way the community thinks or functions as a whole.

Why am I writing about any of this? Because our world desperately needs driven individuals who are willing to work hard and make change happen, to change lives, to change our own community and eventually all of society as we know it. Guided by our own life experiences, values, principles, and assumptions we can help to make a much needed difference in this world.

Volunteering is such an important part of my life and has been since I started University in 2011. I wanted to involve myself within the Montreal community and I wanted be a part of something bigger than myself. If you are reading this and you have the desire and the hunger to go out there and be a part of something bigger, I encourage you to dive in and explore the world of volunteering and community service and see just how rewarding and gratifying it is for yourself. Go out there and get involved. Get motivated. And be the change that you want to see happen in society.

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.” – Nelson Mandela