Counseling Service

Are you having difficulty coping with problems in your life? Work through your feelings in a confidential environment with an empathic counselor.  8 week counseling sessions are available. Call the Centre to make an appointment.

  • Do you feel alone with your problems?

      Come drop by Face a Face and talk to us.

  • Would you like someone to listen and understand?

      Give us a call.

  • Are you struggling and need guidance?

    Life can present us with many challenges. So often we are left feeling confused and unsure of where to search for answers. If you are struggling with an overwhelming difficulty and you are unsure of where to go for help, the Face à Face Supportive Counseling Service may be for you.

  • Supportive Counseling

    –        Learn to develop coping strategies.

    –        Find solutions to relationship or family problems.

    –        Make important decisions with confidence.

    –        Begin your journey towards hope.

  • Counseling Services

    • Free of charge.
    • Humanistic approach. Person-Centered.
    • Individual counseling sessions with a trained, empathetic and objective counselor.
    • We will help you identify your needs and develop an action plan.
    • Weekly fifty minute meetings for a period of eight or more weeks. Confidentiality assured.
    • Contact the centre to make an appointment.
    • In a confidential and supportive environment, you can explore your feelings and thoughts, reflect on your needs and review your options. Counseling can help reduce your stress, alleviate some of your concerns and give you a sense of control over your life.

Listening and Referral Centre

A team of professionally-trained volunteers are available to listen to you and help you overcome your personal difficulties. We offer you the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings in a welcoming and confidential environment. Together we can identify your strengths and personal resources to help you cope. A referral service is also available to inform you of your rights and obligations, as well as other resources available in the community.

Welfare for the Homeless

Face à Face will provide personalized service to individuals who are homeless or are at risk of becoming so. We can provide accompaniment, defend your rights and advocate on your behalf to help you obtain welfare benefits.

Housing and Accompaniment

We recognize the difficulties of finding an affordable and secure place to live. We offer various housing resources as well as an accompaniment service for those in need. A housing list, updated daily, is available at the centre. We also offer an internet station, a phone and a fax to facilitate apartment searches.