Lost Funding for Face à Face

To our very dear Family:

It is with great regret that we confirm that our funding from Centraide will be cut by 100% by the end of March 2017. This represents more than 50% of our budget. We are therefore officially at risk of closing our doors.

Having said that, we have no intention of allowing this to happen. Face à Face is composed of a dedicated staff, loyal volunteers and a resourceful clientele.We will gather our forces to move forward and create a new future for Face to Face.

We are asking you at this time to share this information in your social networks, with your employers, your employees and your colleagues, your professors and your students; We are developing tools to help disseminate this information and requests for support. We accept all ideas as well as words of encouragement.

If you would like to make a donation to Face to Face, please follow this link: http://faceafacemontreal.org/donate/

From the bottom of our heart, we thank you.