"My car is the second most stable thing in my life, Face à Face is the first- it’s my pillar of stability.
Face à Face is way too important, providing much needed services to those facing challenges."

– Anthony

"I am strong thanks to Face à Face because I had a triple bypass and Face à Face employees regularly came to see me when I was in the hospital. Face à Face gives me the hope and strength I need to cope with life and if it wasn't for them, a lot of street people would be lost. Without Face à Face I’d probably be dead right now... they are the only family I have"

- Alfred

"If Face à Face closes its doors I will be helpless, it's the only support I have"

"Face à Face has helped me with all manner of things necessary to establish stability, a 'take off point' I needed to take back my life.
Without Face à Face I will spin out of control, lose all I have accomplished and give up on my self-esteem again"

"I am strong because of Face à Face because here I feel like I'm important. The help that they give me gives me stability and a sense of routine. There’s nothing else like this.
I pan sometimes and people treat me as if I'm invisible, but at Face à Face I feel like a human and not a number"

- Daniel

"I don't know what I'd do without Face à Face"

"Face à Face has done a lot to keep me on track. It is the perfect example of unconditional love. [They] give without expecting anything back."

"Face à Face has helped me in many ways, I don't even know where to begin. Working here continuously puts things into perspective. I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful collective. This includes the individuals I assist, the dedicated volunteers, and my amazing colleagues and director. Face à Face has been such a positive force, helping me with many aspects of my own life. Without a doubt, it's strengthened my resolve, helping me to develop both professionally and personally."

– Eric F

"If Face à Face closes I will certainly be worried about what could happen to me with no mailing address which could affect my welfare as well as not having continued moral support from them"

"Face à Face is special to me because of the human to human contact that doesn't make me feel like less of a person"

"Without Face à Face I will lose [the] support that I depend on. I will have no one to support me. The place is special to me because they [provide] help without judgment and it [has been] very much needed"

"I am strong thanks to Face à Face because I was given the opportunity to grow into a part of myself that I had previously only entertained as a fantasy; maybe I could do this, maybe I could do that...sometimes you don't even realize how much you are 'maybe-ing' until you have the chance to put into action all these things you secretly wish you could do. At Face à Face, I was offered a role that would challenge me, teach me, and frustrate me, with a team I admire, and values that are close to my heart. Face à Face saw concretely what I was ambiguous about; there is nothing more empowering than that."

- Meghan

"[Face à Face's] staff and volunteers have provided help and encouragement throughout these recent years through good times and bad in a courteous and proffesional manner"

"At a point in my life when I no longer even had confidence in my own skills as an intervention worker and I began to question my career choice, despite it being my passion since I was little, Face à Face offered me a volunteer position directly in contact with the clients. I had the chance to validate myself, under the clinical supervision of a Coordinator who was always at our disposal.
Face to Face has completely changed my life since."

"Face à Face has taught me what being driven and passionate about something that you care about truly means. I am a young student, eager to learn and make a difference, and being part of the team and community at Face à Face has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. This has been the most enriching learning experience I have had so far, and I am grateful to be a part of this organization. Face à Face will always be part of the roots of the future Intervention Worker I wish to become."

- Stefania L

"Face à Face has made me stronger as a clinical social service worker/student. Being my first field placement in the field, the agency has given me many tools and opportunities for professional/personal growth that I still continue to use every day. With the amazing staff/volunteers, and the clinical supervision of Grace, as well as the inspirational and resilient clientele, I was able to become confident in my abilities, and to change lives, one person at a time. During this time, I was able to witness how Face à Face positively impacts those who use its services, and how their compassion, love, patience and trust can truly embody the strength and support that they can offer. I am proud of this agency, and of all the goodness that comes from it. It'll always be the foundation of who I am as a graduating student."

- Michelle J

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